steering problems


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Relative newbie here, and I probably have a question that has been answered a thousand times already. I have a 2003 TXT with 12" low profile tires and my cart pulls to the drivers side really bad. I added the rims and tires after I bought it but dont recall if the problem was there before I added the rims. I am fairly certain that I just adjust the steering and everything will be fine, but looking for reassurance since I can't afford to break anything. Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. killer site


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Have you checked the air pressure of all four tires? Weak/ sagging springs or the front axle may have been bent. Also, the track may be out of line ( The axle is more towards one side than the other).


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also check the steering tie rod that conects the two front tires togeter. sometimes when you add the wider tires you will notice that it is off b/c now you have more rubber on the road


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I did check the psi on all 4 tires, they were right on. I will check the tie rod this weekend when I get to my camper. One other thing I noticed was that the passenger side front tire seems to be leaning inward at the top. Is there an adjustment for that also? Thanks for all your help.


The only adjustment on a stock EZGO is toe. If the tire is leaning in on top you may have worn king pin bushings, bad wheel bearing, bent axle or bent spindle.