steep incline


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Hello everyone my question is about driving up inclines. the driveway to the marina at our camp ground is pretty steep. Its steep enough that you have to be carefull walking down it with flip flops on your feet and beer in your gut. I dont know the degree of the incline but would like some input on what a 48v cart with a fleet speed motor, 400A controller, hd buss bars, hd wires and 22'' tires is capable of. One of the guys has an ez go that ran very slow on what I would call a normal hill coming up from the swimming area, so slow I almost got off because I thought we were going to stop. He assured me the cart would make it and it did but very slowly. I dont know the specs on his cart but i can tell you that he and I are 300lbs each and his cart felt it. So what do you think my cart will be able to handle and are there any upgrades I can do [ besides a diet, Im working on that
] that will help me beat this hill. Thanks for any input.



I haven't found a hill mine won't climb. It may go up slow but it gets to the top. Both my carts have stock motors and controllers with 22" tires.


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I guess as long as the conections are tight and the wires are big I have a good chance. Thanks HRC.


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Also, when faced with steep inclines or heavy pulls, try not to use more than 3/4 throttle. Trust me, putting your foot all the way into it is just gonna deplete the pack and warm the cables. If all systems are optimal these sparkies can climb a vertical wall.


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when im going up a steep incline and we come close to a afraid im going to hear a controller's POP and then roll backwards down the hill. i dont know why... but i guess because its putting so much strain on the motor and controller...