Starting problem


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Trying to get my uncle's farm cart working. We have spark, but seems weak. When you push accelerator, cart wants to start but engine rpm won't rise with acceleration. Smells like rich fuel burning, exhaust is cloudy blue. Pulled carb bowl, and cleaned out a bunch of dirt, wondering if jet is clogged. One problem discovered when I dismantled the vacuum fuel pump. This particular pump is square with three ports, all arrows pointing in same direction. One of the seals/diaphrams was "bungled" up, and looks like fuel or vacuum might have been bypassing carb fuel supply port. Cart will start when pedal is pushed, but won't go higher than idle. When you attempt to "floor" it, it stays at idle, sounds like a flooding sound, anybody have diagrams of vacuum fp's so I can make sure the hoses are connected correctly, and what hoses go to what connection? Thanks.


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first of all make sure the crankcase is not full of fuel if you had pump problems.