Starter motor Questions


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Hi there new to the site and to golf carts actually. I am faily competent with with most things mechanical and 12v electrical systems.

Going through the wiring diagrams of the club car I understand how the starter activates through the accelerator pedal but what tells it to stop once the engine has started? The way it looks to me is that the solenoid will continue to allow voltage and turn the starter even though the engine has started.

Is it suppose to be like this or have I missed something?



The starter is also the generator and it's supposed to stay engaged whenever the engine is running.


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Thanks for that, so even with the solenoid supplying voltage the starter motor won't draw from it when the generator is working so no flat batteries.

It is a strange setup never seen anything quite like it before but seems to fairly common in the cart world. I do remember seeing a wire coming off the voltage regulator and going to the starter side of the solenoid and thinking how is that going to work when the solenoid isn't engaged.