starter-generator help


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I acquired an 88 with a 244 cc engine. The starter generator was off of it when I picked it up so I'm guessing it may of had a problem. I went through the engine and carb and it is ready to be put back in the cart. I would like to bench test the starter. I tried by grounding it and putting 12v to f2 and alternately to a1 and a2 with no response. I'm reluctant to try the other posts. Any suggestions?

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The A1 should be connected to the battery negative. The F2 to the battery positive.

If you do that and the starter gen still sparks (like it is shorted), then there is short somewhere inside the starter. Most times, the short is caused by the starter body (carbon brush end as opposed to the pulley end) touching the carbon brush holder. This happens when the A1 stud and the A2 stud are not properly insulated at the base/sides. There is a square-shaped fibra on top but rounded inside that acts like a washer/stopper.