Star Foldable Rear Seat for Club Car DS


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I'm considering buying a new or recent Club Car DS but I love the foldable rear seat the "Star" golf carts have (they fold up to carry 2 golf bags or fold down to seat 2 additional persons). I just moved to The Villages in central FL.

So my question is: Does anyone know if the Star foldable seats can fit on a Club Car DS?

If so where can I get this foldable seat kit?

Thanks, GuyGolf


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You'll need to contact M&M Vehicle Corp. to find a dealer near you. They sell: M&M PK Folding Seat The M&M Folding Seat (Folding Foot Pan) allows your 4-Passenger conversion to also be used on the golf course. Available for the Club Car DS, Precedent and the Yamaha G-14, 16, 19, 22