Star Carts? Good, Bad or Ugly?


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I'm looking to purchase my first cart. Looked at the EZ Go PDS and the dealer steered me towards a Star. Never heard of them. I looked at their web site and of course they look good, but anyone here have any info?



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If it was me I'd stick with a EZGO. The Star Carts can be hard to find parts for, parts are expensive and way less aftermarket accessories available. Plus the EZGO is a much better built and more reliable golf cart.


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I am not going to tell you what to buy, but I sell lots of Club Cars, EZGOs, and Star carts. The Star has been refined over the past few years and has become a good product. I just sent my top mechanic to a school at the Star cart plant. He was impressed with their service, support , and parts department. They are right here in our home town. I will only say this---- If I put all the options, accessories, etc on a new Club Car or EZGO that come on a Star, it would almost be twicw what I sell the Star for. Just my opinion and this is based on NEW carts.


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I researched the star carts a couple years ago. I was gonna buy one to use at the track because they were priced cheaper. Most of the reviews were bad and the only ones that had good things to say were dealers who sold them. Even some of the dealers gave them bad reviews. Maybe things have gotten better with the newer models.