Star car wiring schematic


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Hey all ~

Newbie here as I'm trying to find the wiring schematic
for a Zone cart ( which appears to be a modified Star Car Cart )

Cart was locked up but as the real estate brokers we're showing
the unit, clearly someone saw the cart and came back
and HACKED all the wires quickly and stole ALL the batteries.

Now the guy wants me to fix it ( which I have wired many a club and ezgo )
but I'm not really sure which wires go where
( A1 A2 on the motor cut etc )

Does anyone have a schematic or a snapshot of a Star Car battery wiring ?
It appears to be 48 volt ( 8 - 6 volts )

Thanks all - Gradyfly


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There's some Star Car Wiring Diagram in the Resource section of the forum.
Other Golf Cart Manufacturers Resources


You need to look at the controller and find out if it is a 1243 or a 1244 curtis controller. If it is a 1244 i can get you a wiring diagram that is real close.


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Thanks all ~ quick responses as well.

I am in the process of contacting the Company that originally sold
the cart to the last owner.

So far here's what they sent me...
the ZONE factory wiring schematic and PROBLEM / CAUSE sheet ( all in .pdf )

Hopefully this helps someone else out there...

Wait, I can't attach the file to this do I add that ?



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Thanks NEW FORUM, appreciate the help ~

Ok, so I have the schematic AND its shows everything EXCEPT:

I have a DOUBLE WIRE ( red / black ) GAUGE 10 or 12 in a sheathed casing
that appears really long, as it could have gone anywhere in the battery
compartment. Everything else has a home except this stupid cable;

It may be the power to the DC reducer, not sure...I guess I'll have to follow
it to see where the hell it goes, unless anyone knows what I'm talking about...

The schematic says CURTIS 1268 controller BTW

Ideas ?

Thanks Gradyfly


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I thought the DC/DC converter was under the seat near the controller.
The red and black wires probably went to the on board charger in the bagwell, is there still one in there?


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YES and thanks to ALL -

The final two wires we're indeed heading back to the
ON BOARD charger that was located underneath the
back seat.

Since then the charger stopped working
( after 4 years working perfectly ) and I took the charger apart...

The charger has two CHANGE-ABLE fuses inside
and one SOLDERED in fuse.

The SOLDERED-in fuse was the was blown and it
took 10 minutes to de-solder the fuse and I had to go
to a private ELECTRIC source ( not Radio Shack )
and get the fuse; Once I re-soldered it in, the charger
came right back to life.