ST headlights


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I've been trying to locate headlights for a ST nose at a reasonable price. I'm wondering if any aftermarket driving lights will fit instead of buying the Workorse light-kit which is very expensive. Has anyone on here done soemething similar?


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I Have A Marathon That I Got Aftermarket Light's For. My Nose Had A Recess For The Lights I Just Drilled A Hole In The Flat Area And Mounted A Set Of Driving Lights. From What I See In The BU Catalog The Side Marker's Are The Same As Mine I Got Them At Wal Mart There Made By PM Lights. You May Have To Drill Differant Holes Pm Changed The Design The Screws Are At Each Corner Instead Of Top And Bottom In The Center You May Get Lucky And Find Some Of The Old Style If Ya PM Me Your E Mail I Can Send Pic's Of My Nose And You Can See If It Could Work On Yours