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well im a RC car addict and have been for awhile, here's my current pride and joy. my 1/10 HPI Blitz



its currently my stock class racer in the SCT (short cource truck) division. currently running chamilion 19T motor on 2S lipo with FS 3BGT 2.4GHz radio system. eventually it will have a Mamba 57000KV brushless system on 3S lipo. but as it in i can pop in my revolution 7X2 brushed motor and be running in the upper 50's


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i should add those are old pics, i fixed some of the broken parts and got all dean's connectors
I just bought a Traxxas slash for me and my son to play with.... It's amazing how times have changed, can't wait to start messing with different electronics on it!


There used to be a huge indoor dirt track a few miles from here back in the late 80's early 90's. I was into it big time. I had a bunch of RC10's and a whole lot of cash tied up in aftermarket stuff. It kept me busy during the winter. Then they shut the track down. I'm not sure why, the place would be packed every time I was there.


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I still have a bunch of nitro monster trucks that have been sitting on the shelf for 6+ yrs. I still have the urge, just not the time. They're quirky to keep running unless they're stock.


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Wow wasn't existing this many ppl into them, lol I have been big into the R/C scene for a few years. Slowly been getting bigger first 1/24 then 1/12 then up to 1/10.

Btw, rad if you want any help choosing electronics let me know, I've done my fair share of research on esc, radios, batteries, chargers, etc


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Hey spr, do you know were I can get some 4x4 rc trucks? I've seen them on youtube, and I think it'd be awesome to have one. If you guys havent seen them, then you should go and check them out, they are pretty wicked.


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i can easiily hook you up, what are you looking for exactly?

monster truck, crawler, buggy, truggy, trophy truck, baja?

bashing, climbing, cruising, racing?

1/28, 1/24, 1/18, 1/12, 1/10, 1/5?


brushed, brushless, nitro?

PM me and i can tell you just about anything you'd ever want to know about any platform on the market lol.


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Just something I can take in the mud. I'd like to keep it less than 200 but would be willing to go no more than 250. I'd like one I can take in the mud, and maybe do some rock crawling with. Thanks for the help man


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ok, now thats where it gets trickey, crawlers are slow, and for mud, i'd say look for a monster/trophy truck (in RC trophy trucks are more commonly reffered to as "short course trucks" or SCT) and unless you want to buy a used chassis i'd look into the 1/18 scale unless you wanted to stay with RWD.

but here's a few things i want you to think about, in reality RWD cars are alot more fun then AWD cars, they can do just about anything a AWD car can do and they are alot less complicated and cheaper. AWD is only really nessasary for crawling and racing unless your racing in a RWD class.

but for the price and what your looking for i'd suggest a team associated RC18Vendetta.

this one is perfered by racers in the 1/18 stadium truck classes

- Shaft driven AWD
- adjustable ball bearing differentials F/R
- oil filled shocks
- 370 size motor
- AM reciever/transmitter

this car has been on the market for a good while and the aftermarket possibilities are nearly unlimited. i can honestly say i have a friend in california that has one that is worth $700 and he's put more then that in it.

the RC18 comes in several versions, but no matter whick one you buy you can turn it into any other version with just a few parts.

this in the one i would suggest for you. but there is also:
- late model
- touring car (very fun drifter)
- truggy
- buggy
- Short course truck
- rally car
new from tower hobbies they are: $152.97 RTR all you will need is 8 AA batteries for the transmitter. but you can find them cheaper on ebay

but if you are willing to go RWD i can find some real nice 1/10 trucks such as the HPI blitz (what i have), losi strike, traxxas rustler, associated RC10, etc, etc

either way the RC18 is a great platform, everything on this car can be modified and you can never get bored with modding it until you run out of money. i have personal driven most of the RC18 cars around a offroad track and they have always been a great car, and the touring car with drift tires and a gyro will make you look like a pro drifting around the track


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also, i have a friend that was in a airforce base in iraq and him anf his buddies passed time by racing these thing around a track they built at the base and here's a few pics of my friends $700 RC18, and that roll cage is very special lol, the company that makes them tests them by running them over with a F-350 no lie lol.





I have a slash. Its all water proof, and very fun for someone just messing around. we take em to the off road park we run our sandrails at, and really beat on them. For what I do with it, it was a pretty good deal!


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I have 2 nitro t-maxx .15 and 2.5r, 2 jatos 3.3, 1 e-rustler and 1 e-bandit.

The jatos were given to me by a friend, I think they are too fast but they are fun.


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traxxas makesa decent products but i personaly try to stay with names like HPI, Associated, Kyosho, Tamiya, Team Losi, etc, theres cars are sold at a lower price but replkacement parts will break you. and also to be honest if you go onto a RC related forum ans talk about how great traxxas is then your going to get bashed, badly. for some reason most little kids are in love with traxxas and are functioning off their daddy's wallet, and them posting how there traxxas car can beat anything really annoys the crap out of the older members. "beatyourtruck" especially has alot of bashing going on not just to traxxas fanboys, luckily i dodged it.

BTW, if you guys ever join and RC forums i go by "winner" because i later found out that there was another SPR that went to jail for being a pedo


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well, here's another piece of my collection, at my track we have a 1/10-1/12 vintage class, so here's my vintage racer. its a kyosho touring, this chassis is special because it was the first rc to ever have a ball bearing diff. it has full graphite chassis. everything on this car is original from 1992







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All I have is an old Tamiya Blackfoot with aftermarket (bigger) tires and body. I'll post a picture of it when I find it. Still unpacking stuff here.


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sweet, ya know tamiya resently did another release on some of their most famous cars and i think they may have also released the blackfoot, im not sure but i'll look into it, however i do knoiw they did a release on the frog, hornet, champ buggy, hotshot, and sand scorcher but non were released with MSC (mechanical speed control). so if you have any broken parts for a vintage tamiya, nows the time to get replacements.


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guess i could also post some more stuff, here's my battery charger, i can charge any kind of battery on the market


and here's one of the batteries i use in the blitz, gens ace 2s2p Lithium Polymer

and heres a orion 7x2 motor im trying to sell, if i put it in the blits i'd be nudging 55MPH easily with 2s lipo