Spring tuneup

Ok, got my 95 Medalist home from the very dusty and sandy Campground after almost a year. And yes it's like a Spring Day here.

I have been having problems with the cart not having the rev up that it used to have. I have been trying the different holes, the furthest from the blue works the best, anyone mess with the hole option? Are the ramps too worn? The spring is a little different at each end, does it matter? Will a different spring give me more low end?

On to the front end, it has gotten a bit sloppy, It will rock to the side at least an 1/8, should I worry about it? Should I replace the bushings and pins in the spindle along with new wheel bearings?

The rear tires always rub, are my leaf springs or shocks worn out?


Where is the play in the front end? If it's at the spindle then yes to the new spindle pins and bushings. If the wheel bearings have play pull the hub and inspect the bearings and races. If they look good repack the bearings and you should be fine.

New rear springs will help with the rubbing. From looking at you picture I'd say those springs have seen their better days. You could go with HD rear springs and probably would have no rubbing at all. The cart will be much stiffer and ride like a tank with HD rear springs though. If the cart has a rear seat I'd go with HD rear springs. If not I'd go with a new set of stock springs.
Thanks for fixin my pics

Yes, I can see the spindle move where it connects to the axle.
It does have a rear seat, but I don't want it to ride like a tank.
Any thoughts on the clutch spring placement?
I just jacked up the front end, looks like I have about an 1/8 inch of up and down play that the spindle moves within the axle.
I think I also have some small amount of play in the wheel bearings.
If i take everything apart and grease it up good do you think that will be good enough or should the bearings, bolts and sleaves be replaced?
Cart is used on sand and rooted trails, campground rules is 9.5 mph that I strictly adhere to.


There should be a shim on the spindle that limits the up and down play. Those are probably worn to. If it was mine I'd replace the shims, bushings and spindle pins.

As far as the wheel bearings go they're probably fine and just need to be cleaned and packed. You won't know until you take it apart and look at the bearings and races.

If you have a rear seat and use it the HD springs are the way to go. If they're to stiff you can always take a leaf out to soften it up a little. Even with new stock springs you may have rubbing trouble with passengers on the back seat.

Wait until Nubs or one of the other gas guru's see the thread and they can help you out with the clutch and clutch spring questions.
Well I pulled one wheel bearing, the bearing does have some play in it, maybe 1/16 of wiggle.
But the real problem isn't side to side in the spindle, it's up and down. The bolt that goes through does not seam to tighten up any more. I think I can put an extra washer in to take up the slack.


There should be a bronze shim on top of the spindle "spindle thrust washer" to take up the slack.
Is there any pits in the bearing rollers or the races? If not I'd clean them up and repack them.
Yup, got the bronze shim, problem is I have enough room for another one. When I put the lift kit on I remember there being some slack (the more I think about it) but It has gotten worse.

The bearing and race seam fine then, I will clean and repack.
Well I added an extra bronze washer that really tightened things up.
Found out my 28 clutch has 36 ramps in it, I will be changing them.
I also relized that I have not been preloading the spring, do you twist the spring forward or backwards?
Thanks Nubs, that should get put in with the Tech stuff? Good Info.

I will be putting on new HD rear springs this weekend.
I have the long shackles that came with my Allsports lift kit, should I still use those or put the stock shackles back on?


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Dirtysouth will have the answer for the shackles, he'll be along in a bit.
Looks like the HD springs raises the rear of the cart 2 inches.
If I use the short shackles will those give me a softer ride because the spring is not as compressed?
Well I got the new springs on, no more rubbing, done.
Added washers to the spindles and repacked wheel bearings, no more slop, done.

Cleaned out carb bowl, new filter, adjusted throttle rod to make longer to open butterfly all the way, adjusted valves, it now backfires sometimes and idles higher...
I will try to put the rod back to the way it was and go from there.

Put in 28 ramps and preloaded clutch 120, no difference...
Should I try to add a little more preload? I am twisting clockwise for the preload.


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
are you sure the belt is the right size, if the belt is to long it will engage to high in the drive clutch