Spraying From the Cart

Had a few minutes yesterday evening before Source Code started so I hit up TSC and Orschein's. TSC had 12v 15 gallon spot sprayers for $100 with nice 4 amp 1 GPM 35 PSI then I found the above one at Orchein's (not nation wide but like TSC) for $50.

The specs are about the same but the $100 one pump motor is fan cooled but I did not see it as a $50 plus. It is marked $80 in the store so $30 off is nice.

Now that we have the EZGO PSD electric golf cart with the rear seat/utility box I thought this would be good to have. We have rock drive at the house and the church 1/4 mile down the road.

The set up must not weigh over 10 pounds so I just plan to put a rubber mat on the cart bed and maybe put a rubber strap over the tank to stablize it. I will test it with water later this week. I did connect it to the Blazer battery in the parking lot last night to hear it hum. :thumbsup:


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i looked at that unit today at my local tractor store, its a nice setup for the money 169.00. so your gettin' a deal


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I use an old Cushman 3 wheeler electric with a 15 gal spray rig. The Cushman has a flat bead for the tank, I use a lawn mower battery to run the sprayer that does double duty for my diesel pump. Added a hitch to the back of the Cushman on which I mounted a spray head from the local farm store. It sprays a fan the width of the cart which is perfect for keeping the grass and weeds out of our 1/4 mile gravel drive. Use the hand sprayer for the fence line and around the house where I don't want to weed eat. Put a Y hose connector with shut-offs on the output of the pump that allows me to switch between the wand and rear sprayer. Works well using generic Round-Up from the farm store.


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