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I'm new here, I just got my cart today, so hello everyone. Now for the business, the cart is a 2001 model -48 volt - yamaha G19. I bought it from the son of a recently deceased man, who didn't know what dad (86 yr old) had done. Here is what I can see, Trojan batteries, dcx300 speed controller, what appears to be a new or at least reman. motor. I have re-connected the all the terminal connectors that were loose or hanging,BUT!!!!! when I get to the speed sensor plug AND the speed sensor plug (grey) is triangular with three outer pins and a middle pin and the connector coming from the harness is round or oval-ish(black) with three holes. What is significense of the connector? Is it as simple as just a year model difference or the wrong sensor or what? If it is "just" a different plug can i clip and splice the wires? Is it easy to replace the piece of the harness between the speed sensor plug and the controller? Help guys!! I really want to get the cart going for the kids, boy they are excited. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you all.


Not sure what is going on here but I would not splice the wires. You need to find out which is the correct plug for that year cart first. The one I remember is the triangle connector for the pedal plug. It may be a different harness or something, not sure. Make sure you have the wheel off the ground before doing anything.


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Thanks djlan99, I finally got it touch with the local cart shop and he said that the plug isnt used with the dcx controller. I topped off the batteries and located a broken wire under the cart and it runs like a bat outta hell. Now i just have to start accesorizing. Does anyone have suggestions on fixing the old girl up. buggies unlimited is all that I am aware of but they are pretty high. I would really like to find a place where guys go to sell unwanted or take off parts. Any suggestions?


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