Speed controller test


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Hi all. A friend of mine gave me a 1992 EZ-GO that will not move at all because he didn't want to have to repair it. I have checked the batteries, they are good. I think that the speed controller is bad. I was looking online to see if there was a test to check to see if it was good or not. The only test I found was to replace the controller with one that did work. Is there any other way to test the controller? I don't have the money to spend on a controller I don't need.


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well, you could use a multimeter and check voltages. or you could do like i did...the rattle test.
take it out of the cart and shake it. if it rattles, its probably bad


First try jumping the two larger posts on the solenoid. If the cart runs replace the solenoid.

You can bypass the controller for testing only.

Jack the rear tires off the ground and put the cart on jack stands. Jump B- and M- at the controller to bypass the controller. Make the final connection away from the controller and raise the rear tires off the ground before jumping the controller, it's going to run at wide open throttle. If it runs with the jumper I'd say the controller is bad. Don't let the cart run at full speed with the rear tires off the ground...