Speed chip?


I have a 2001 Club Car 48 volt and was wondering if there is any way to keep the system relatively stock while adding a slight boost to the speed? What I'm trying to ask is are speed chips available for Club Car or is that only EZGO PDS?


IQ Club Cars can be programmed by CC dealers for speeds up to 19.6 MPH for 75-100 dollars. Other than that their isn't anything you can do without upgrades on non IQ carts. IQ carts have a small receptacle on the dash under the F&R switch and the second letter in the serial # will be Q.


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There is some debate that a slightly higher speed can be reprogrammed into the IQ cart, based upon the Club Car/GM NEV of a few years back, but that being said my local club car dealer will not reprogram even to 19 mph as it exceeds the cart path speed limit of Peachtree City. They are good people, but have developed a working relationship with the local police. I assume some may take their carts to other dealers, but when the police use radar on the cart paths, why bother.