some info please!


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hello cart heads!
nice place here....
my question: i just lifted and added 23" tires on this cart. will i have any problems with the stock motor and set up? is the freedom chip a wise choice for me? the cart will be used to &fro hunting stands and a sunday ride here and there! medium hills and terrain! any info will help indeed!
also, is there a wiring diagram for a battery life meter handy????
thanks ...


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I'd put a freedom chip in it and see how it works out for you. It should be fine as long as your not going through a lot of mud and not climbing real steep hills.
I'd suggest going with 4 guage cables though...


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How many terminals on the meter, and what are they labeled? Got a pic of the back of the meter?


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thanks any ways gornoman!!
i got the one bu sells and the instructions are there as well!
the way it looks, that one wire heads to the key switch and the other two down to the battery = + /-... i have a just a on /off key switch.. i would guess that the pole that points to on is the positive side i need to tie into then!???


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i don't know guys!!!!!!!
i have this thing down to the frame and it is now lifted and the 23"s are on...... i still have my doubts as how that little motor is going to make those big tires move .........actually it ran really strong when i brought it home. all stock! the project is coming along really good so far! im just worried that the paint job does not spoil the whole job.. i intend to attempt to camo it ....
does anyone have a tip or two on that task??????