After much research in the resource area and testing everything points to a bad solenoid. In my previous post you may recall I replaced a controller and the resistor on the solenoid only to find I have not corrected the problem.The issue for me is the cart did not have a controller when I got it so I am not totally sure of all of it's problems.When I check the voltage across the 2 large terminals on the solenoid I only get 1.5 volts and when I press the gas it goes to 0. Does this point to a bad solenoid and is this a valid test?I'm sure this has been covered before but I am not having much luck finding anything.
Yes,I'll double check in the morning just to be sure.My memory is not
what it used to be os ever was according to my wife
I decided to replace the solenoid since it was not that expensive and I wasn't sure of it anyway.Well that still didn't solve the problem. I have 37.2 volts at the bat terminal on the solenoid(which I did not have on the old one) and the same across the 2 lg. terminals untill I press the gas, then it goes to 0.I am really at a loss now as what to check. the new Altrax controller flashes the proper # of times telling me it is the correct one but goes to amber when the gas is pressed all the way.It gives no other lights or colors.I know this says it is working properly. Any suggestions as what to check next?