Solar Battery Charger for Golf Carts


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Has anyone ever used a solar battery charger on their golf carts? I will use a regular battery charger but when I go to Disney, we do ALOT of running around and I don't want to plug it in every time I park. I was thinking of buying three so one to every 12 volts? or should I just get one, I have seen them on ebay but I would rather buy one from this website because they have a warranty

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Thats a trickle charger too, It puts out .59 amps. A golf cart charger puts out 15 to 20 amps. You would need several very large solar panels to charge a cart, to large to mount on a cart anywhere. As far as I know theres no practical way to charge a cart using solar panels. Your best bet will be put the charger in the bagwell and plug it in every chance you get...