Soft Sloppy Steering

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New member and new to Ezgo Carts. I have a 2006 gas 4 stroke that runs great. It is lifter and had upsized wheels and tires. I have read the other posts about steering issues. My issue seems to be what I call a very light/sloppy steering. I would like to have it tight, especially at higher speeds. Some suggestions have been to adjust the toe in the front end. I think I can do that. One member said an ezgo dealer may have a rebuild kit. Any ides how much that would cost? If the bushings are worn out, can they be easily replaced? It would be nice if there was a tension adjustment in the front end?


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The toe should be set to 1/8" toe in. As far as the steering box all the parts are available to rebuild it. I'd check the front end parts out first though to see where the play is before buying anything. If there's no play in the steering everything is fine. If the toe setting is off you'll have steering issues so set that first.


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Hi. New here.
I also have a 4 stroke 06 ez-go. It has a Jakes lift kit on it. It is unbelievably unstable to drive. I have no comprehension of 1/8" toes and such. Can someone please explain to me (like I'm a 5 year old) how to solve this problem? or should I try to find a pro to help me fix it?



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