Snowmobile engine?


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Hey guys, awsome web sight! All this info is great! I'm trying to find out if a fan 550 or 500 snowmobile engine will work in a 99 EZ-GO TXT. I like the 23hp conversions but does this have enough power to cruise the dunes easily? I'm not a horsepower freak but I dont want to be disapointed after spending the money on a 23hp motor when there might be a possibility to put in a 50hp- 70hp motor. Anything helps. Thanks!


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You might want to talk to Frank (WALKNTALL) at Alpha Carts about getting your cart setup for the dunes. I know a lot of people are using 23 HP engines and seem to do good in sand. I know a lot has to do with clutches and Frank shoud be able to help you out in that department. He also sells engines and engine kits.

Also you might want to ask about this in the Big Block Conversion forum here. I know their's a few guys that use different snow mobile engines and they usually hang out in that forum.


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Cruise the dunes easily? Like staying in the flats or are you wanting to climb dune hills? How fast do you want to go? A stock 23hp will do ok. But a modified one will do better...