sluggish on hills


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Have refurbished a 97 fleet with stock motor. New batteries and cables. Runs fine on the flat and has stamina for 18 holes plus, but the slightest incline just brings it to it's knees. Is this a design problem or should I be looking to replace the motor?


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Start by checking the volts on each battery 1 hour after full charge. I am asuming it is 36 volt. If so, a 6 volt battery at full charge should read around 6.4 volts. There is other threads on this here. Try using the search, there will be some charts and trouble shooting info for you.


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If you haven't done a conversion to 4ga welding cable yet, this would be a good time to do it. Replacing the stock 6ga cables with 4ga will give you better torque on inclines. Cable kits are available for around $120, if you make the cables yourself the cost should be less than $50.
With good batteries, this should help your problem.

Here is the SOC chart mentioned above: