slowing down

I have a 07 CC Precedent my friend= has a 08 we have the same speed control lift wheels we both have been radared im going 19 and his is going 17 but he always stay way in front of me and I never catch him until we go up hill then I slowly catch and pass him to where he cant catch me. Now my other friend has a stock DS and just put all new batteries that had not been fully charge and same thing hes way out in front and i cant catch him now. I havwe 08 Trojans and they all read almost 13. I am using tap water and I checked and I do nee to add the water is at the top of the plates but I am sure this has nothing to dio with it. I free roll my cart but i may also back off the brake a little more just to make sure.
water level was on the top of the plates on just abpout all of them, topped them off to the bottom of the opening and Im charging now ill report back.


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Adding too much water may cause them to boil over during the charge cycle. They should only be 1/4" above the plates.


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If it has the original "Club Car" black 12 volt batteries in it, you may want to have them load tested. These are not the best of batteries.