Slow moving 1982 Club Car


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My 1982 club car moves slow, can someone tell me the proper way to test to find if I have a bad battery its a 36 volt system, with 5 solenoids, I have checked and replaced 3 of the 5 solenoids that weren't working and now I do hear them all clicking and there is some increase of speed as each one kicks in but not a whole lot id say it tops out at about 6 mph, and creeps going up a small slope, I did read somewhere once before where I should put meter leads on battery while driving, when I did this here is what I got, let charge over night 38.01 volts, flat surface pedal mashed 36.21, small slope pedal smashed 34.2 volts, sound like I got a bad battery but how do I tell or does anyone have a better way for me to test this?


From looking at your total pack voltage I'd say you have a bad battery or a battery pack that's at the end of its life span. You can test the individual batteries the same way by connecting your meter to positive and negative of each battery one at a time. You don't have to unhook any cables to check the batteries individually. A hydrometer will also tell you if you have any weak cells but you can find a bad battery with your digital meter if you don't have a hydrometer.