Slow charging


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I have an '87 DS, 36v. I just finished customizing it and replaced the batteries. When I charge them it seems to take forever. The meter on the charger starts around 25a and after 12 hours of charging is only down to about 10a. I sometimes get a battery smell when it has been on the charger for a while. Should it take longer than 12hrs to fully charge? I have been hesitant to leave it on while I am away from home.


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not uncommon for them to take forever to charge when new.........they only come 75 to 80% so there is a break in period you must leave the charger on until it shuts off unless you see some kind of safety issue........the 1st 12 or so charges leave it charge until its done.......your charge times will lesson to 5 to 8 hours and you,ll notice a difference i assure you...........................