Slow Cart


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I bought a 2006 EZ Go Cart that has a 2" lift, radio, new trojan batteries. Since i brought it home the batteries each time last less and less. After just charging the cart i rode 15 minutes and the batteries were almost half drained. It also has a speed chip. What is the problem?


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Sounds like a bad battery or 2 or the charger isn't working properly.
We need some info to help with your problem.
Charge the batteries up until the charger shuts off which could be up to 16 hours.
Wait at least 1 hour and then measure the battery voltages, what is the total pack voltage and each individual battery voltage? Post up those numbers.
Are you sure they are new Trojans? The date code is stamped on the neg post, month and year ie: C-9 which is March 2009.