Show your support to our service people

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Hey! Village Idiots picketing fallen soldiers' funerals....Yeah, I'm talking to you! Do you know WHY you are allowed to do that? BECAUSE THE DEAD SOLDIER YOU ARE DISRESPECTING GAVE HIS OR HER LIFE SO YOU WOULD HAVE THE FREEDOM TO EXPRESS YOUR STUPIDITY! Feel free to copy and post-I did because I wasn't afraid to express my undying gratitude to every single service person past, present and future.
This is a sad case. One can be against a 'war' and not be against those who were 'ordered' to war.

While they can legally do what they do but morally/biblically in my view.


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While I respect the idea of free speech, the Westboro Wackos go over the line. And here are my creditials:



God bless the USA.