Should I Replace the Solenoid?


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I have a 2008 48V Precedent and replaced the controller with an Alltrax. Is it necessary to replace the solenoid too?

Also, I had the dicor switch replaced and now the Go pedal is very touchy. There is no easy taking off forward or in reverse. It takes a lot to smoothly take off. Is that to be expected?

Thanks for any help or advice.


What amp Alltrax controller did you buy? If you have a 400amp or bigger i would get a heavy duty solenoid rated for the amps. Also reprogram the throttle up setting for a smoother accel rate and/or the throttle down rate as well. a good balance between the 2 should cure your touchy pedal.


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Thank you Zman.
I'm not sure on the amperage of the controller but will check it out. Regarding the adjustment of the throttle, I thought that was adjusted through the controller and that the. Alltrax wasn't adjustable. Is there another way to do the adjustment?
Thank you


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if your alltrax is an APX its adjustable if its a NPX its should put a HD 400 amp solenoid in to be safe...................................................