Should I Lock Rear-End?


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Hello again. I have another question that I'm not really finding any information on and was hoping you guys could give me a little insight. I was wondering... have any of you locked your rear by welding in spider gears? I know this is done a lot in 4x4 trucks, but I'm not able to find anything with golf carts. Thanks for any insight you may have!!


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Several times someone would pop up and say they have done this. It is not a recommended procedure, but no one has popped up again, to my knowledge, and said they had really screwed it up. So, yeah, guys have done this.


I've done it for guys with hunting carts. If you do a lot of street driving it can be tough on the splines in the hubs.


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Thanks a BUNCH! I'll just be using it for hunting... off-road... but, after reading, I think I'll try it with just a lift/bigger tires first. If we run into problems, I may try it.
Thanks, again, for the input!