Should I Leave the Battery Charger Plugged In


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We are new to the Golf Cart world with a 06 Club Car Precedent golf cart with four 12 volt Trojan batteries. The golf cart will be parked for long periods. (2-3 weeks at a time) Should I leave the battery charger plugged in? Which system do you feel has more run time, 4 12 volt or 6, 6 volt batteries? Thank You :usa:


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Charge the batteries before you leave the cart sitting. Put the run/tow switch in the tow mode to keep the batteries from draining. 6x8 volt batteries have more run time than 4x12 volt batteries. The new Club Car Precedents went back to 6x8v from 4x12v because of battery issues. A conversion kit is available for your cart.


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Leaving your charger plugged into your cart WILL NOT hurt your batteries due to the charger is automatic. If your going to leave your charger plugged in, fully charge the batteries til the charger has shut off. then after you have noticed that the charger has completely charged the batteries & has shut off UNPLUG the charger from the CART side ONLY & then plug it right back in & this will start a 15 DAY cycle of the charger coming on automatically every 15 days as long as you leave it plugged in. I do not know if this still works after an AC power loss but according to the book on these type of chargers (48V powerwise) this will keep your batteries charged if its left for long periods. :twocents:


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Will that "15 day battery charge cycle" work with all chargers? mine is a 1996 Club Car DS and that would be excellent to keep things up.


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I'm not 100% certain but i think all 48 volt Club Car Powerdrive battery chargers are set like that. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.


If your battery charger is a Powerdrive 48 volt then it can be left plugged in and it will do a top up charge every 15 days. :hattip: