Shorten Steering Column


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Would like to shorten the steering column on my EZGO ST Express and wonder how big a project this is? If not a big deal, could you shoot me instructions, it would be most appreciated!


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It can be done and it's not to hard as long as you're a good welder or know one. Pull the shaft out of the column and cut your piece out. Put a nice chamfer on both cut ends of the column and weld it back together making sure you keep it straight. Shorten the column tube the same amount you removed from the shaft. Grind the weld so the shaft fits back into the column tube and your good to go. Just make sure whoever does the welding is good at it.


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If you have a mill then you cut the bottom end off and then mill back to match.. But what I have found is when we shorten the steering column the steering wheel is too close to the seat and harder to get in and out of. There's not enough room from the steering wheel to the seat. :twocents: