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Found this Ez-go for $1200. Details for ad: Gas(stock motor) lifted, cage, rear forward facing seat, Rhino front seats, lights.

I have a few questions. Does the front suspension look okay and normal? I just see one steering link. Also, are aftermarket cages bolted together like this one is? I am going to check it out first thing tomorrow morning. Any big things to look out for? Worth $1200?

I am just getting into golf carts and any answers would help a lot! Thanks. Ben


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The steering has been modified to use a drag link. So basically the drag link ties the two spindles together and one steering arm steers both tires. The cage looks like it was originally made for something other than a EZGO and was modified to fit the cart. The rear seat looks like it would be useless as far as anyone using it to sit on. The body was originally from a electric cart so it could have possibly been converted to gas and may not be the stock engine setup. To be honest it looks like there's been some pretty crude workmanship on the cart. If you do buy it I'd look everything over real good.

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I agree with Rod on this cart. Looks like someone has worked it over.It was either an electric with a gas changeover ,or the rear body was replaced with one off an electric. The price seems kind of high from what I see in this picture. Got any more pics?

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Looks like a Marathon chassis with an early TXT front axle. I,d say the cart has been scabbed together.

You should be able to find a better cart/deal than that one for the $.