So the wife complains that going from the Suzuki Ozark to the old '95 Medalist it feels like your insides are going to come loose, she's right it can be jarring.
The shocks look like they might be original

Would replacing them help?


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Depends. Are the shocks bottoming out? Depending on the lift, you might be better to replace the springs.
I don't think they are bottoming out. The rear springs have been replaced with the heavy duty, the front look original.
The AllSports lift, awesome....


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Thanks for the compliment.
If the front isn't bottoming out, then the back is the kidney killer. You have hd springs and rear seat, remove one of the bands on the rear leafs and try it. If that isn't soft enough, remove both bands on the spring. You will lose some of the capacity of the spring, but I have never seen it enough to hinder.