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Hi, newbie here
can anybody recommend a shock for my cart 2005 ST 350 2+2 gasser. When the lift kit was installed (about 5-6") they installed a car shock (Monroe part # 31069) and for a cart of 900lbs or so its way to stiff, I know because I disconnected them and the suspension works nice and smooth but with the shocks it is very stiff, too much for me, makes the cart jittery on any ittle bump. Can I maybe get some take off originals and put shock extenders?? would this work for me? I have 23" tires BTW and am running very low air pressure. Any help would be appreciated before I have my huevos shook off
Thanks, NSF


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Are you sure the shocks they installed are the proper length with enough travel open and closed? It almost sounds like the shocks are bottomed out. With the cart sitting on the ground unhook the bottom shock mount and see if you have any travel left on the shock.
As far as the stock shocks working it all depends on the type of lift they installed.

not so fast

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Thanks for the welcome HRC

No i'm not sure about anything yet,J/K. I have the data on the shocks and they are as follows , travel-6.5", compressed length-10.75", extended length-17.75". As the cart sits on the ground in running condition the fronts seem with in reasonable limits as they measure15.25" but the rear measures 13.25" which indicates to me that they are nearing total compression correct?? So they are too long IMO. I disconnected the fronts and pushed up & down on the cart and it had very good movement but not so with the shocks hooked up, rather stiff which transfers to the ride IMO. The rear has almost no travel from jumping up & down on it so I'm pretty sure the shocks are too long AND way too stiff. The local buggy shop tells me that they use the stock shocks with a small lift like mine so I guess I'll try that.
But only if I can figure out how to get to the top of the rear shocks, they are caged into a channel and look neraly impossible to reach?? What do you think on this?? Thanks, NSF