Shock Therapy Racing First Drag Racing Golf Cart Build


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Well, the eagle has landed back in Arkansas and we're ready to start the Shock Therapy Racing First Drag Racing Golf Cart Build . Flying trip to Pensacola was 31 hours total with 24 of that being driving. I'm tired but really glad to have this cart back in Arkansas and all cleaned up and sitting in my shop!!! :thumbsup:

Seems that guys always have catchy names for their race teaams and my wife will be the first one to tell you that messing with these carts is my therapy some days so it only seemed natural for the race team name to be Shock Therapy Racing.

I got the cart unloaded and all cleaned up real prudy like. Here's a few shots for starters. My buddy and head fabricator around here, Bob, is headed over this afternoon to get a look see and help to form a plan for where we go from here. I know we'll be totally disassembling the cart for starters. Then we will be adding some more body panels and add some of our ideas here and there. The goal is to add a few of our touches without messing up an already great drag racing golf cart.

More to come.....

Ol Jake

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Glad your trip went well, your excitement is catching everyones keep it up.. for the name.
..I really like it..


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That a cool name Terry. Lots of pics, we love pics!! First thing I would figure out, is where to mount the gas tank.


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Only gas tanks I need are on the generator and in the truck.
No issue with me and the pics. I've already taken 50 before shots.
If this one comes out half as cool as yours, I'd be tickled to death. Might even have the occaasion to come down to Florida and play with you guys once it get's done. My daughter and her husband are moving to Orlando next weekend. She is going to go to grad school at UCF so I got a built in excuse to come that way.


Glad to see you got that cart Terry.

When I saw it posted for sale I was seriously thinking of buying it myself.
The only reason I didn't make a move on it right away is I'm out of town til later today.
That's a slick cart and you got a great deal on it.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it


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The cart is now buck nekkid and in the trailer. I'll be delivering it to Bob's shop in the morning. It'll be undergoing a bit of surgery. I'll have pics as soon as the work begins.



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Not sure Frankie. When we had planned to build a cart from scratch, I was having to wait for Bob to finish the car that he's working on in his home shop but now that we aare just modifing Steve's chassis He's going to do that at the aircraft shop where he works. He'll be able to work on it sooner but he won't have a lot of time each day so we'll just have to see how it goes. There are some pretty expensive parts missing like the motor and the controller plus all of the paintwork and powdercoating I have lots of money to shell out also. We are probably still looking at not being completely done until the Spring.


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Yup. It's a great cart and I am very well suited to tearing things apart. Now we'll see if Bob and I can make the mods that we have planned and get it back together. I know it will prolly never be as fast as it was but hopefully we can do it justice.


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Got the cart over to Bob's this morning. Thought I'd share a few pics of what he does and of his shop for those of you that might not have see his stuff on the lowered EZGO build. He works far a company whose main business is aircraft maintenance but his job is all custom fabrication for antique and high performance aircraft. They moved to a new facility a few months ago and Bob has his own space now. The cart kinda looks at home with all of these other things that fly.

Here's the 5/8 scale P51 Mustang that he is building. He's actually building 2 of these. He has done some amazing fabrication. Virtually ever part is hand made. I honestly don't know of anything that he can't do with a piece of metal.

It's powered by an injected big block Chevy.

As you can see, the cart is in good hands. More to come...


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Well, I wasn't going to tell until it was more to show but since you asked.

I know that this is going to sound crazy but we're cutting the front and the tail off the cage section and adding our own design to both ends. The wheelbase will go to 102". Bob and I had already planned to build a chassis from scratch so we are blending together what we had already designed and the DSR roll cage design.

Plenty of other stuff also but the cat is far enough out of the bag for now.