Servicing your 92-96.5 Club Car DS

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This post is about how to service your gas Club Car DS gas models 1992-2005 with the FE290cc engine and most FE350cc models.


First, lets start with the basic oil & filter change. This should work with both a lifted cart and a non lifted cart. Since a lot of people are now lifting their car, it tends to tilt the engine cradle in such a way that it is hard to drain all the oil out. So the first thing to do is:

1: Take your cart for a drive to warm up the engine oil so it is easier to drain.

2: Whether the golf cart is lifted or not, back your cart up onto a set of ramps. This will tilt the drain plug lower than the back of the engine. Or use a floor jack and a block of wood to jack up the rear. Be sure to use jack stands to secure your cart. Safty first.

3: With your cart secure, put your drain pan under your cart and grab your 14mm shallow well socket or wrench and remove the drain plug to start the oil draining. The plug can be found directly in front of the engine all the way at the bottom shown here in this picture.

4: While the oil is draining, you can now remove the oil filter located on the driver side below the carb. Make sure you center the drain pan so it catches the oil from both the drain hole and the oil filter.

5: Once the oil is all drained, put the drain plug back in and tighten. you need to check to see if your low oil light works. Turn the key on. It should light up. If it does not, either the oil light is bad or the sending unit is bad.

6:Now, take out your new oil filter and place a thin coat of oil on the rubber of the filter and screw it on hand tight. You can pick up your favorite type of oil filter from your local Auto Parts store or a Wal Mart. It is an oil filter for a 1989 GEO PRIZM.

7: Now its time to fill the crank case up. The manual calls for a straight SAE 30w oil. But you can use your favorite weight and brand of oil. You can also use synthetic oil. The manual calls for 44oz. of oil (about 1 1/2 quarts) I reccomend using a funnel to fill.

8:When you have almost all the oil in, take your cart off the ramps or jack stands, put your tranny in neutral and put your cart in MAINTENANCE MODE(the yellow knob on the back of the F&R lever, pull out and turn 1/4 turn till it drops back in place)this allows the cart to be started in neutral. Now start the cart up and run at medium rpms for 30 seconds to fill the filter with oil and check for leaks. Stop engine and check oil level. You should have it between the FULL & FILL mark. Now take it out of maintenance mode.

You have now just completed an oil and filter change on your cart.
Manual said oil changes are reccomended 2 years or 300 hours. I think that is way to long to go between changes. I say every 6 months or 300 hours. with a governor cart and Quarterly or every 150 hours with an un-governored cart. Better safe than sorry. Check your oil level weekly.


1992-1997, The filter box is mounted directly above the battery. The air box is 2 pieces held together with 2 wing nut type clamps. Un lock the 2 clamps and pull the lid back far enough to remove the filter. Some times you must unhook the bottom and pull the lid apart. Some thinks its easier to remove the rubber strap that holds the box down. Any mway you do it, the biggest thing is once you replace the air filter, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to get the lid back on the box perfectly. And air gaps will cause the engine not to run right. So if the cart ran fine before you changed the filter, it should run perfect afterward. If not, then the lid is on wrong.

For 1998-2005, the Filter box is mounted in front of the battery. This air box is 2 piece also. It has 2 clips that you can un snap and lift the lid up. Just like the 92-97, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to get the lid back on correctly. It will not run right if it is not on right. On this style, it is hard to get it in correctly on the back side. Sometimes you have to remove the box to get it locked right. If you have to remove it, the screws or bolts are under the cart.

Manual says to clean it once a year(150 hours) and change every 2 years(300 hours) I replace mine once a year.

You can get the air filter for both types at your local Auto Parts store or a Wal Mart, Meijer type of store. It is an air filter for a 1992 CHEVY BERETTA w/2.2L engine


Remove the spark plug boot from the spark plug. Take a deep well 13/16 socket and remove spark plug. Take your new plug and gap it to Manual specs of .027-.031. The manual also reccomends using a NKGBP5ES non resister type plug. Through my experience, the cart runs better with a non resister type plug. But if you use a tach, you may not get a good reading with that type of plug and may have to switch to a resister type plug. You can use your favorite brand of plug if you want. a 1993 Chrysler Lebaron GTC w/3.0L v-6 spark plug will work.

Manual says to replace every 2 years (300 hours) I change mine every year.

I have all 3 cars memorized so if I am ever out shopping and happen to remember I need an oil filter, air filter or spark plug, I know what to look for.


There are 2 fuel filter that are inline between the fuel tank and the carb. One should be located between the tank and pump and the other between pump and carb. These type of small fuel filters can be found at your local Auto Parts store, in a Wal Mart type of store in the Lawn & Garden section, or at any type of Farm & Fleet, Tractor supply stores.
Remove clamps and install new fuel filters. Make note of the flow direction arrow on the filter. Also check the fuel lines for cracks and leaks. If they need replaced, the size is 1/4" fuel line. You can also use that size as the pump line from the crank case to the Fuel Pump. Make sure that it does not loop down anywhere before the pump. It could hold oil in it and cause the pump to stop working. I just replaced my fuel lines too with my new filters. Manual says Filters should be changed once a year or sooner if needed. Here are 3 pictures of my set up.




92-96 / 1997 and up have one drain and one fill plug used to drain and fill both rear end and transmission together.
1: Drive your cart around for about 15 minutes to warm up the oil for faster draining.

2: park your cart on a level surface. Place an oil drain pan under the rearend. Using a 14mm shallow well socket or wrench remove the rearend drain plug found in this picture. I used a floor jack on the other side to tilt the rearend over some to make sure I get all the oil drained.

3: Once the oil is drained, replace drain plug and remove the fill plug. I made a fill tube using a small funnel and some tubing that fit in the fill hole. You want a tubing that fits loosely in the hole so that air can escape while filling. I removed the access panel behind the seat backs and strapped the funnel to a seat back support and started filling with oil. Manual calls for SAE 30w oil. Yes, thats right. sae 30w oil for a rearend. Now, the experts that I know say it will be fine. But, if you are using your cart for any type of rough riding other that golfing, use the 80w90 gear oil for that added protection. Its your choice.
4: keep filling the rearend oil until it starts to run out of the hole. It is full then.

Replace the filler plug and wipe off the spilled oil.

TRANSMISSION 92-96 / 1997 and up have one drain and one fill plug used to drain and fill both rear end and transmission together.
Use 80w90 GEAR OIL
This one takes a little longer to fill because the oil is much thicker. I used the tube and plugged the bottle of gear lube into it and squeezed it in.
Just follow the same directions as above but use this picture as reference.

Once your done, take your cart for a drive. Come back and check for leaks. Manual says to check/ fill 2x a year and change every year.

Here is a page from the manual that shows where to lube up things and grease zerks locations. I hit all the zerks 2x a year.

Also the Club Car drive belt and starter generator belt can be bought from NAPA or any decent auto parts store. These are Gates belts but can be crossed-over to any brand. The Gates belts can be bought at NAPA.

Drive belt 6013 coverts / crossover to NAPA 6013
Starter Generator belt 7325 - 33 1/8 inches long converts / crossover to NAPA 25-7325
Starter Generator belt 7370 - 37 5/8 inches long converts / crossover to NAPA 25-7370

THANKS to wass1967 for posting this information...
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