Service Manual?


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Link given in post below does not work for me?

" Kawasaki FE120, FE170, FE250, FE290, FE350, FE400 Service Manual"
"Club Car FE120, 170, 250, 290, 350, 400 Service Manual "



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wally8888 is referencing this page
Resulting page reads:
Sorry, the page you requested was not found.


Sorry about that. My FTP provider went under so all the big manuals are offline at the moment until I can find somewhere to host them. I had them hosted on the forum server at one time but if several people were downloading manuals at the same time it slowed things down quite a bit. I'm looking for another site to host the manuals on. I need about 10 gig of disk space. Send me a email from the address you want it sent to and I'll email the manual to you.


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read your post about e-mailing manuals, looked farther and found site where manuals were posted but did not find my manual, if you have my manual I would greatly appreciate you e-mailing to me, [email protected]
thank you

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The link for the Club Car Engine Service Manual is working on my end. It may take a few minutes for the download to complete.