Serial Number Decipher


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Hello All,

I am new to the forum and recently bought a used Club Car Electric from a person who knew nothing about the cart. The cart has the following info on the sticker under the passenger side of the dash board:

Remanufactured S/N

Car S/N

Controller S/N

Code A Code B Code C
083 121 064

Any help defining meaning out of this info would be appreciated. I like doing my own maintenance on stuff.



Welcome to Cartaholics.

The cart has been re-manufactured and I'm not sure how to tell the year from the remanufactured serial number. By looking at the serial number you posted I'd say the cart was reconditioned in 2007. You can try looking behind key switch plate and see if the original serial number is still there. If it is post that and we can tell you the year of the cart.