Santa Left a Club Car Onward for Xmas Speed Code 5 Question


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Santa was very good to us and left a Club Car Onward,

Looking at Speed Code 5 product. Looks like I have a black ADC motor. There is a Club Car sticker. Model Number EJ-4001A.

A much longer bar code : ADC051180550616DZ

None of the LETTERS match what is required on the Speed Code 5 Web page. Anyone out there have any information that would help ??

Happy New Year !!!
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Congrats on the New Club Car Onward. @Diode should be able to give you information on speed code 5 and if it will work on your new Onward.
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Speed code 5 presently does not work on the newer carts. But I do have a controller 500 app and motor which will put you in the 35 mph range with lots more torque When you’re ready