SAnctioned Drag Racing


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In 1958 I was fortunate enough to belong to a visionary car club. The vision was to give people a safe place to drag race. In order to reach our objective we had to face severe obstacles not the least being public opinion. We were fortunate enough to have as a member an individual whose land had been used as a dump site for GM. For his part he would lease us the land for $1.00 per year plus a percentage of the gate. We jumped on it and began the process. In the summer of 1960 we held our first race which was santioned by the NHRA. We had 850 entries. It was a blast. Over the years the track has changed ownership but still remains open. As a matter of fact last year the present owners spent over a million dollars on improvements to the track. Our track is located 60 mile north of Indianapolis In. Which is the home of the US Nationals.

Every year they hold a race the Wednesday before the Nationals begin which draws racers from all over the US. One of the reasons is that the track has the same compound as Indy so they can get a real feel for what to expect.

The reason I bring this up is that over the years the track has been open to expanding venues and have hosted many different kinds of racing including National calibre tractor & truck pulls.

Since I have no way of knowing how many Golf Cart drag people there are I was wondering how much interest there would be in a high quality meet in the MidWest. I'm quite sure that the local operators would be open to scheduling a meet. If there is enough interest I would be happy to communicate this idea to them.

I'm sure they would want to know the rules and safety issues also.