Sams club Bat verse Trojan Battery


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Sam's 450 - Trojan's 650 are the Trojans worth the extra bucks...
Hi-Speed / Hi Torque Motor with 700 Amp contrller.....
I'll spend the extra 200 if it's worth it.....

Thanks again


Which brand is the Sams club in your area selling? If it's Interstate I'd save the $200 and go with them. Interstate is a good golf cart battery.

If they're the Energizers I'm not so sure I've never used them. I've heard good and bad. A lot of people are using them with no problem.

The advantage to the Trojan is the over all life span of the battery. The speed and run time will be close with any good golf cart battery.

If it was me and they have Interstates I'd go with them. If they are Energizers I'd lean toward spending the extra cash on the Trojans or finding Interstate, Exide or US Battery golf cart batteries and saving some cash.

Either way if you take good care of them you should get 5 years out of them.


I just sold my EZGO Marathon and it had 6 yr old Interstate bats. The were still working great.


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we run sam's club energizers in our cart 6.1 high speed with 700amp fast no problems last 3 years