sagging rear


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hello everyone< I have a 90 club car that the rear kinda saggs. anyone use car helper springs and if you do where did you get them from?

thanks chef


Ive heard of guys using the helper kits that you can buy at most auto parts stores. Id go the route Gonzo suggested.


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The blue letters in my first post is the link to Buggies Unlimited's website for the springs. They are listed for $54.99 each.

Note: You MUST upgrade to longer U-bolts for this leaf spring. First, physically inspect your Club Car DS to see how many U-bolts you need.
Choose HDW CC5 4902 if your Club Car DS uses two U-bolts
Choose HDW CC5 3125 if your Club Car DS uses four U-bolts
New Bushing Kits for 1976 & Up Club Car models SUS CC0 3084 are also recommended.