Runs Better When Exhaust Is Loose From The Head


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Cannot find this problem maybe someone here can help with why my golf cat runs better when the exhaust is loose from head.

The Problem: When exhaust is loosened up( a gap between muffler and pipe) it runs great but loud.
When exhaust bolts are tightened up it will not even start up?

Replaced fuel pump and exhaust already.

blew smoke thru fuel pump hole in motor and came out exhaust pipe. so that should eliminate seals.

Any ideas ?

Basically same problem before replacements and reading here.


The close est repair shop is 200 miles so help will be appreciated.


Did you replace the exhaust and muffler with new or used. From what you describe it sounds like a plugged muffler.


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new muffler pipe is just cleaned out.

Blowing into the muffler and air does come out the little tube on muffler.


I'd try a muffler BBQ. Build a fire and lay the muffler in the fire. Leave it there until the fire goes out and the exhaust cools down. This will burn out all the oil in the muffler. Don't move the exhaust until it's cooled down. This does work and it's free.


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I also have a 86 that is having the same problem, I replace the jug, piston and rings, head gasket and added a new carb and my cart was running poorly still so I tried what I had read here and my cart is VERY loud (but loud isn't always
so now I am going to build a fire and try the muffler BBQ. Hope it works or I am going to come up with another muffler. Thanks again all! maybe I wont be banging my head soon. :wallbash:

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I have an 84. Mine would only start w/ exhaust unhooked as well. My piston skirt broke on the exhaust side. It didnt run well but it did run. My theory on it was even though muffler was clear having it hooked up caused enough back pressure to cause blowby in the cylinder. Now if my theory is correct would you have different compression w/ exhaust hooked up and unhooked? Just a thought. I think i will try the muffler BBQ while my motor is tore down.What's the best sauce for that I like honey

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Ive done the muffler bbq on a few 2stroke carts over the years and it does work if the muffler is gunked up. i like my sauce hot and spicy. :hattip: