Running My Cart In Bitter Cold


I'm just wondering if its alright to store my 2000 48V Carryall in my unheated barn. I've kept it charged, but when I ran it today (about 10 degrees out) it was *very* sluggish. My question is: Is it alright to run it when it is this cold outside? Is there any risk to the batteries keeping them in this environment? They're topped off and never run dry on distilled water. I've read that its much better to keep batteries cold rather than hot. True? Thanks for any input on this!


Batteries will last longer in cooler weather to a point. 10 degrees is pretty cold but as long as you keep them charged you'll be fine.
Mine is totally rebuilt to 4 wheel drive. I use it for hunting and snow plowing. I store it in a cold garage and keep it charged . I ran it yesterday to go hunting and plowing the snow we had in MI. I ran it for almost 3 hours non stop and it worked great! The battery's are 3 years old. It runs a bit slower than it did this summer but not that much.