Ruff N Tuff - Disc Brakes??


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Does anyone out there know if disc brakes can be installed on a 2007 Ruff N Tuff? Just like their golf cart the is garbage. We use our golf cart at Detroit Metro Airport 24/7 365 and the brakes on this P.O.S. is killing us. And soon it may kill others if we don't fix it properly.

The brake cable keeps stretching to the point it can't be adjusted anymore. So far in two years we have replaced it 3 times.

I am not sure what model we have. It kinda looks like the Cruiser LX2.
S/N: HEL-0365
Man. Date: 05-05-2007

Any help would be appreciated


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Jake's and a couple other companies make/sell front disc brake kits but I doubt if they'll bolt on a Ruff N Tuff cart without some fabricating. I'm sure it can be done if you're capable of doing the work needed to make them work.