Rough Start but Im running now...


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Well if you rember i bought that 00 club car it had brand new refurbished batteries in it.. well lastnight i put a 6 inch lift and tires and wheels on it.. Once I got it all installed took the cart for a spin and it started slipping and wouldnt hardly move.. Well after a few phone calls this morning my wife went to load it on the trailer for me and BOOM a battery blew up! Well my father is really good friends with the local Interstate battery rep. so i took the cart up there turns out one battery of course blew up another the top was lifted up on it and another had a dead cell and also the batteries where 5 years old that the gentle sold the guy i bought it from as refurbished.... So now after a complete set of new interstate batts. she seems good and strong now! But I also called the guy that i bought it from told him what happen being its only a week since i bought it from him! Then i turned around and called the battery company that sold him he batts. and gave them a piece of my mind.. but anyways here are some pics before and after....






Looking good!!

I've never seen a refurbished battery that was worth a damn. You did the right thing replacing them with new batteries. I'd give the battery trays a good rinsing with a baking soda and water mixture. Then flush them off real good with a hose and low pressure water to rinse off all the spilled acid.