Rookie here and my cart won't start


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Hi guys I didn't know where to post here because I have a Hyundai cart but was told it's basically a Yamaha. I am having a problem when it's cold. I hit the gas and I get a "click uh" like it is turning over and trying for a half of a revolution or something. It will do that sometimes 20 times then it will go to a sort of idle mode like it's chugging along idling but the cart isn't moving. It will do that as long as I stay on the gas so I've found if I do that for a minute and let off and push the gas again it will fire off and go. I know nothing about carts so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance Eric.


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how cold is cold, 20 below is cool here
are you sure the battery is in good shape? thats where i would start


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Check to see that your choke is operating properly. A dirty carb will act like that sometimes too.