Roll cage options


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For those of you that have them, I have a few questions.

1. Build or buy? If bought, where from

2. If built, What material, and do you have plans or any other info you can share?

I'm looking at building one, and I'm sure the cage won't have o have an NHRA tag, so I'm thinking fairly thin tubing. I also wan to build the rear seat into the cage.

Thanks in advance



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I was thinking about using 1"5/8 as well. I saw some of franks cages, and they are killer, but I think that shipping would increase the cost substantially.

Did you just start from the front and kinda weld your way back or did you have a plan?


I bend the two side cage bars first then tacked the mounting brackets on and bolt them to the cart. I use brake line and bend it for a template. From there I had no plan
I just start bending and tacking everything together.


Take a lot of pics of the cage as your building it.

How did you wind up calling your cart the barf cart? It sounds like there may be a interesting story behind the name.


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We are big into diesel drag racing. I have been known to have a "puke rally" from time to time during the after-race activities. Webought the cart to pull trucks around the pis and to go back and forth from the pits to the tower/starting line. The guy that did the sound system for me coined the name, because we generally have as much fun after the race as we do duting the race when we all get together.

The body is currently getting dipped in a carbon fiber paint. The process is the same as the camo pattern on 4 wheelers and such. I'm gonna start on the cage after our next race.


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I've begun to build mine. My local muffler shop has a mandrel bender that goes down to 1.5" so this time around he acutally bent some pieces and swelled the ends so all I have to do it cut straight pieces and weld it all together.

I hope the swelled ends don't look ugly, but I don't think it will once I have a bimini top on the cage...