Roll Bars


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I like where they attach on the rear of the cart, these are functional right?
Are there any recommendations for a functional roll bar for the front? I am not sure of the best place to mount the bar for support on a Club Car.


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I have mine mounted to the original roof mount in the front and to the cowl frame in 2 places on each side.
The back is bolted with 2 bolts to the main seat frame member on each side and rear bagwell 2 bolts through the frame member.
I can pick my cart up by the roll cage but I wouldn't guarantee it wouldn't bend the daylights out of it in a 50mph roll! :cool:
I hope I never have to find out! :cool:

Jimmy B.


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I can add this much my shorty windshield kept BRISTOL from doing a complete rol with very little damage to the windshield frame. Jimmy B's roll cage is the best that I have seen... :thumbsup: But you need a 4 or 5 point harness to keep the passenger and driver held within the roll cage with a competition seat.