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First off, I am a newbie...I recently acquired a 1970s vintage Disney World trolley as a little retirement project. Its a 36 volt electric drive. I got new batteries, and the drive and charge systems seem to be good.
It was built by Roland Car, Inc. in Edgewater, FL according to the name plate.
It was never actually a "golf cart", but utilized golf cart parts. From what I can find, Roland is no longer in business.
I was able to find replacement parts for the hydraulic brakes. I've learned they are old Bendix style drum brakes. I was able to find aftermarket torque spiders. The brakes now work okay.
My problem now is finding rear axle seals.
Does anyone have any knowledge of someplace that might have older parts, or someone that works on antique carts?
Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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Very interesting cart for sure. You should be able to get a good auto parts store to cross reference the seals I'm sure they fit many other vehicles. You can also try Vintage Golf Cart Parts they carry a lot of old parts.
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No problem. Let us know if they can't help you. If you have one of the axle seals out and can read the number on it you shouldn't have any problem finding new seals.