RoadRacing my other hobby


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I haven't had a chance to try road racing, no were around here to really do it. I did try out SCCA a long long time ago lol. Course my vert was pretty much stock and sucked at a auto-x

This picture is from like 1993 or 94.

For some strange reason my brand new front tires had to be replaced after that day

Now my biz partner is really big into road racing, he has a Noble that he races all over the place. He took 7th overall in the One Lap of America with it in 2006.

His is the silver noble in this picture:

I might try my hand at road racing one day. It does look fun.


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hi, I have a 72MGB that I ocassionally autocross and have done some track days with. It's a road car but I've modified it quite a bit. Local course is Beaverun , north of Pittsburgh. Sure is a lot of fun. Too many hobbies and not enough money


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Need to work on my technical skills for that. Been looking into a digital camera. Got enough ebay stuff in my garage to more than pay for it!lol Meantime I'll see if my scanner still works.


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Hound Dawg, you guys race vintage or SCCA? Haven't been to a race for a few years...divorce
Used to go to Watkins Glen every year for the SVRA race. Also Mid Ohio and Summit Point. Always wanted to get to Elkhardt Lake. Buddies of mine did it last year & had a ball. Lot of history between the Glen & Road America. Mid Ohio was a blast the year all the Triumph racers came over from the UK. They had some wicked fast TRs for sure.
We race vintage. Never been to the Glen. It's quite a haul from Phoenix. We mainly race VARA but love running SVRA, HSR and CVAR because the circuits are so much better and picturesque. We were supposed to run with SVRA at Sebring this month as the marque was the 50th Anniversary of the MGA. But, time and $$ have gotten in the way. It's still up in the air but with 10-days before we'd have to leave it's not lookin' good. The flip side of that is we were going to just leave everything in Atlanta and fly back in April for the Mitty. Oh, well.

Atleast we'll be making one trip to Road America in July for the Brian Redmond.

You midwest boys have it all over our desert tracks. You have all that green crap and trees to look at, not to mention elevation changes. Our tracks in AZ, and CA are all flat baron farmland.

Here's the best and worst from RA this July. First in class for me and finishing 11th out of 52 overall. That was after a fender bender during Friday Practice.

Unfortunately, Dad had a big fat DNF as you can see.


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Wow Those Pic's Bring Back Memories I Used To Be A Course Marshall For Fort Wane Region At Mid Ohio Grattan And Gingerman In Michigan Was A Hell Of A Rush Getting HOT Track Tow's.One Time The Flagger At Turn 11 At Mid Ohio Screwed Up And Pointed Me Out For A Hot Track Tow Into The Middle Of A Pack Of Formula Ford's Firts Time I Ever Had To Use Turn Signals To Get Drivers Left To Get My Hook ! When I Wasnt Working Races I Autocrossed A 79 Mustang In C Prepared Til It Got Too Expensive !


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Man that's a shame. Not like you can call up your local MG dealer for new fenders. I know with the SVRA races, there's quite a bit of scrutiny of any shunts like that. They really do try to keep accidents to a minumum and review films ect. Rough driving isn't tolerated but of course it is racing so things do happen. Hope your dad came out of it OK.
BTW, I'm from around Pittsburgh PA. About 3 1/2 hr to Mid Ohio and 6 or 7 to the Glen. The track I've been on is called Beaverun Motorsports. It's only 1 1/2 hr from me. They have a 1 1/2 mile course now that is supposed to be expanded. There is also a large skid pad and a small course they use for go-carts and smaller bikes. The local SCCA Autocross club uses the skidpad for thier events.
I also have a TR8 that was rearended several years ago. I'd like to get it finished and set it up for the track days. I have most of the parts for it, the bodywork is done, just need to get it all together.
Dad was fine. He bruised his knee up from hitting it on the intrusion bars.

Other than that, it was a one-car accident. He went in to "The Kink" at RA and lost the ass end putting him into the wall backwards and sideways at a little over 100mph.

The Kink is coined as being the scarriest and fastest turn of any North American Circuit. If you remember, it's where Katherine Legge lost the wing on her Champ car and absolutely grenaded the thing. It's not uncommon to go in there and there is very little runoff room.


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Got a camera and have some pics of my MG loaded on the puter but I have no idea how to post them. Sorry, I know this gets asked a lot but maybe someone could splain it to me. I'm a fast learner. lol


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Hey Hounddawg, what are you guys running for floorboards? The question came up in the Moss Motors forum. I know MGAs had plywood originally.
I have the stock pans in my car & the "A" has been refitted with aluminum. I'll try to snap a pic. in the next day or so. Not sure of the thickness. I do need to put a caliper on it to see how thick it is & compare it to SCCA regs. It appears to be overkill and could probably be replaced to save some weight.


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All this talk of Road America is making me nuts! I have been going there since the early seventies! I have even driven the course at speed during the Touring events of the early vintage race weekends before Brian Redman took over. I cannot imagine a finer facility anywhere in America. Great course, great food, great cars, and midwestern girls in halter tops!

One touring lap, I was on the backstraight at about 110 mph in my VW Scirocco S when a Porsche 934 came from behind, passed me at about 170 mph and just about sucked me across the lane! Needed new undies after that one!

Someday maybe we can see the F1 boys there?
We love RA as well. It's one of our favorite circuits even if we do drive small bore cars. I don't know about the midwestern girls in halter tops. Last time I was there, all I saw was MOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It's tough to beat the Southwestern Ladies (if that's what you want to call them) The hem lines stay high all year round here

My dad started going there in the 60's or maybe even before. He's seen all the greats run, Augie Pabst, Phil Hill, etc. I hear stories from he and his buddies about how crazy the town of Elkart used to be. A few years ago, we went out to eat and were walking back to the car. His buddy, that now lives in TX, says to him, "you know, Tom, this house looks really familiar. I think we may have passed out in that front yard one time"......LOL


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Thanks Houndawg, I just noticed that at the top of the forum this morning...duh. Any suggestions on what host to load them to? I'm completely illiterate on this but I'm sure I can figure it out.

Kidd Rock has a verse... "Skinny models, you can have those, I take big corn fed midwestern HOs" LOL